Antimonitor should win, however some of galactus' recent showings cast a bit of bout. There is no way to tell how powerful galactus would be at his peak. RELATED: 5 Reasons Thanos Is The Greatest Villain In Comics (& 5 Reasons He's Not). When people think of comic villains with big body counts, they always focus on Thanos and that's fair. The power gap between abstracts tends to be a lot different than the ones in street level fights and some feats come down to interpretation. Galactus vs Anti-Monitor. Cropfist ... DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 0. 0. This topic is locked from further discussion. In preparation for the fight, readers learn that Anti-Monitor (in his native Qward) murdered 5,000,310,045 people and absorbed their residual energy. I think anti wins this. There's a reason why even gods fear Thanos. I hope that the reason Grail wants to full ALE is to use it to rebuild the fractured godhead of Darkseid, to make him whole again. Plus, on panel COIE AM only busted ONE universe (one of the fakes) on his own power, which took him 7 pages to do, not really impressive overall. Lifebringer Galactus can win this, but I don't see any other version winning this considering Anti-Monitor's best feat being destroying infinite universes. So i think Unicron would take it after a tough battle, just from the ridiculous feats ive seen beings within his power and lesser to his own have done. When the Black Lanterns resurrected trillions of beings all over the universe, he was the power source behind their rings. Cropfist ... DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Created by the Super Celestial Perpetua, the Anti-Monitor has been around since the beginning of the DC Multiverse. Ah, there's the dropped ball of the season. Lifebringer beats AM. That number can be counted on one hand. I think there is some discussion to be had. He's created all kinds of advanced technology, his greatest achievement being his floating chair, which allows him to teleport nearly anywhere in the universe instantaneously and protect him from harm. David Harth has been reading comics for close to 30 years. Let's find out! Thanos is very powerful, but the Anti-Monitor is so much greater than Thanos could ever hope to be- a greater threat and a greater villain. The Anti-Monitor is the one of the main antagonists of DC Comics, first serving as the main antagonist of the 1985 storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths, and the posthumous overarching antagonist of the 2007 storyline Infinite Crisis. Ultimate nullifier Galactus vs AM would go to Galactus … His power is incalculable and the only thing that stopped him was the heroes of multiple Earths. RELATED: 5 Reasons Darkseid Is DC's Number One Supervillain (& 5 Why It's Anti-Monitor). He knows more than most beings and can remember all of it. Which Anti-Monitor was wrecking. The mythical fully fed Galactus. While his powers are quite formidable, Thanos is also one of the smartest villains around. There are few villains out there with as high a body count as him or ones that have embraced death to the extent he has. These two deaths sent shockwaves that resonated for years throughout the DC Universe, whereas Thanos killing War Machine led to Civil War II. There are few beings who can single-handedly stand up to a being imbued with the power of the Phoenix Force, but Thanos can. The context is hard to really understand, so Ill still say AM for now. The Anti-Monitor destroyed multiple universes and would have succeeded if not for the heroes of five different planets banding together. however i am stuck in some other debates will make an argument lateron since I do not think Galactus is universal. AM beats all other versions of galactus otherwise. There's a simple reason behind that- there aren't any beings nearly as powerful or as deadly as the Anti-Monitor. Cropfist ... DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Press J to jump to the feed. Anti-Monitor's home base is the planet Qward. COIE AM was wanked too long, simply because people didn't read that comic properly. Depends really Gman can drain monitor as well, @jooosh1996: COIE anti monitor beats both versions. Is it? The Anti-Monitor destroyed multiple universes and would have succeeded if not for the heroes of five different planets banding together. War Machine is cool and all, but he isn't the most powerful guy around. RELATED: Marvel: 5 Best Versions Of Thanos (& 5 Worst). He was a one man show, traveling the universe and dealing out death as he saw fit. There have been many threats to the DC Multiverse, but none have come as close to destroying the whole shebang as Anti-Monitor. @lord_spectrum: as usual I disagree with you. A really cool villain, makes me sad they turned him into someone even Darkseid could fight now. Back during COIE, there were still considered to be infinite universes, not the 52 (or is it 104 with the dark multiverse?) Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Next Death Battle #134: Venom (Marvel) vs Crona (Soul Eater). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. AM doesn't have multi-universal showings, that's nonsense right there.