The climate in the extreme north of Alaska is an Arctic climate with long, very cold winters and short, cool summers. It’s been a long time since New Hampshire had its hottest day. Much of the country suffered a heatwave that year, kicking off the ‘Dust Bowl’ years with extreme drought affecting much of the US. The summer of 2012 broke several records, and the year as a whole is the hottest ever on record in the US. They tend to be roasting, sending people flocking to the coast for a little breeze. The average August precipitation for the contiguous U.S. was 2.35 inches (0.27 of an inch below average), which put the month in the driest third of the 126-year record. For North Carolina it was record-breaking, with Fayetteville hitting the state’s highest ever recorded temperature on 21 August. An annotated map of the United States showing notable climate and weather events that occurred across the country during August and Summer 2020. Its most sweltering day that summer, and ever, was registered in Runyon, Old Bridge Township on 10 July. But, like many parts of the US, the Natural State – so-named because of its abundance of waterways, forests, mountains and plains – suffered extreme heat and drought in the summer of 1936, and it reached a record high of 120°F (49°C) that August in Ozark, a city in a valley by the Arkansas River. It was set on two separate days in July 1911, with the temperature taken in North Bridgton, a picturesque village northwest of Portland. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Access NOAA’s August U.S. climate report and download the, U.S. endured record wildfires, historic hurricanes in October, Large, deep Antarctic ozone hole to persist into November. The state does tend to have balmy summers, but this was something else: average highs are usually around 92°F (33°C). It’s a longstanding record, too, set in July 1913 at Greenland Ranch (now Furnace Creek) in Death Valley, an area of the Mojave Desert known for reliably sizzling roads, salt flats and sand dunes. The kind of heat that can turn people into sweaty messes within seconds. The city’s average high for that month is a far lower 88°F (31°C). Pretty impressive weather for a national holiday, though we’re not sure if we would have been brave enough to venture outside even in this leafy state. These are the strangest weather phenomena in the world. The small, unassuming western town of Chester hit new highs in August 1975 when it registered a record-breaking temperature of 107°F (42°C) – significantly hotter than the town’s average high for that month, 82°F (28°C). Arkansas has a humid subtropical climate, which means it often simmers through steamy summers. Powerful blizzard sets new snow and cold temperature records across Alaska, California, Nevada, the Canadian Prairies.