The Mi 10 wins with the fit and finish of the package, but there’s something to be said about Realme’s versatile camera that includes a dedicated telephoto lens.

The device was running MIUI 12 based on Android 10… There’s a good amount of detail here without significant over-sharpening and the software is rather good at distortion correction. This is definitely a serious flagship level smartphone. Qualcomm Adreno 650: Graphics chip for smartphones and tablets that is integrated within the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. I'm a Chinese-American journalist in Hong Kong, covering consumer tech in Asia. 2016's Xiaomi Mi Mix was, in my opinion, a breakthrough for the company on a global stage, and 2018's Mi Mix 3 was among one of my favorite phones of the year. Superb day- and low-light photo on the main and zoom cameras, Superb day- and low-light video on the main and zoom cameras, One of the widest ultrawide cameras around, One of the best portraits we've seen with the 2x camera, No water protection, 3.5mm jack or microSD slot, Can't shoot videos with the 2x camera, mediocre selfies. It manages to look understated yet elegant.

Best phone ever made.

This phone is a masterpiece.. Super underrated phone. The rear camera is truly impressive - it has everything you can think of, in the realm of current technology, that is. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. Finally, the ultra-wide camera does a pretty good job. The Mi 10 Ultra is packed in a tall paper box and you may think you will get more contents than, say, the Mi 10 Pro bundle. And the USB cable is rated at 6A - something you don't see every day and definitely - a cable that isn't standard-issue. By default, the camera shoots pixel-binned 25.2MP shots that look rather good. Neither of them will match Ultra's quality across all four snappers, but they are still viable alternatives for those that don't put camera quality first. Unfortunately, the Ultra is currently slated for sales only in China and Xiaomi seems firm in its decision despite various requests across forums and even online petitions. The camera punch hole on the top-left isn’t too distracting, though I have to say I definitely miss the unhindered display achieved with a pop-up selfie camera. But what really impressed us was the rear camera setup. The vivo X50 Pro+ and Oppo Find X2 Pro are some excellent alternatives. Xiaomi Mi 10 Wide Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra-Wide Finally, the ultra-wide camera does a pretty good job.
FAQ Android app The Mi 10 retains the Pro’s primary shooter but drops the telephoto lenses, drops the resolution on the ultra-wide sensor, and includes 2MP macro and 2MP depth-sensing cameras.

I really enjoyed the ability to drop the Mi 10 on Xiaomi’s wireless charger and rapidly top it off without having to bother with cables. Well-balanced, with just the right level of pop. How about that?! The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra turned out to be one of the best smartphones money can buy. That’s not to say they serve no purpose, however, I use it to read menus and signs from really far away, because even if blurry, I can still make out words. The user experience is incredibly fluid and there was never a moment that the phone felt like it was trying to catch up with the task at hand.

It can recharge quite fast, too, and the lack of Google services isn't that big of an issue in China, while many other Huawei owners already found out that living without Google isn't that terrible after all. We’re understanding, if not accepting, of the fact that the sheer diversity of low-cost hardware available would not be possible if Xiaomi, and now Realme, did not treat your screen as a billboard.

And that says a lot. We may get a commission from qualifying sales. We are sure many of you will be happy with a gray import. We've often complained about MIUI's bloatware problem in our reviews, but hopefully that'll be sorted here. The Mi 10's design is a testament to restraint. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra is set to run MIUI 12, a fork of Android 10.

The integrated memory controller now supports faster LPDDR5 memory with up to 2,750 MHz. Well, that's both true and false.

One thing that is a first-ever is the option to capture 8K clips with the 5x imager.

Paired with 8GB of LPDDR5 RAM and up to 256GB of storage, the specs are right up there with the best you can get. A clear business model this year among phone brands is to introduce three models of each phone: an entry level without any extra “Pro” or “Max” monikers (example: just the iPhone 11, just the Note 20, etc.

Then came the very polished Mi 10 Pro this year, and now, the company's apex phone so far, a 10th-anniversary commemorative device dubbed the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The Mi 10 stands out thanks to its attention to detail and exceptional fit and finish.

Then again, Xiaomi did put money on a variety of startups and devices, that we just can't imagine a world without a Mi Band, Mi vacuums, Mi Air Purifier, Mi Routers, Mi Bulbs, and Mi whatnot. Another great option is the ASUS ROG 3. Unlike some competing phones, the ultra-wide camera manages to meter accurately for white balance without much of a color shift between lenses. Discover the key facts and see how Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra performs in the smartphone ranking. And that's a real pity! Still, Xiaomi claims that the Mi 10 is a tier-one product for the company and doesn’t include any ads. Android Apps and Games [Guide] [Magisk] How to Enable Google Call Screening on "Unsupported" Devices. The box contains a charger, a USB-C cable, a 3.5mm adapter, and a transparent silicone case. This includes an integrated VLOG mode that can make adding effects a cinch. The Mi 10 has a beautiful display that looks absolutely fluid as you browse, look at social media, or perform your daily tasks. It's been a while since Xiaomi introduced a truly high-end phone in India. SD 865: High-end SoC for smartphones that was introduced in late 2019 and manufactured in 7 nm at TSMC (improved N7P). 91.25%: There do not exist many models, which are rated better. The camera module is a bit long in that it stretches almost all the way down the midway point of the phone, and certain grips on the phone will likely result in fingers touching the lenses accidentally. About this Xiaomi Mi 10 review: I wrote this Mi 10 review after spending a week with the phone as my primary device. In fact, I’d say the Mi 10 would be one of the best products to buy at the Rs.

Speaking of software, the phone runs on Android 10, with the latest version of Xiaomi’s software, MIUI 12, on top. A USB-C slot sits at the bottom and supports 30W fast charging with the included brick.

The Ultra also supports 50W fast wireless charging provided you buy Xiaomi's own 55W wireless charger that's sold separately. Since this phone is hard to get, however, the first alternative that comes to mind would be the Mi 10 Pro. Another feature I really like is the ability to shrink an app into a floating window, allowing for easier multi-tasking, such as leaving a WhatsApp window open while I’m drafting an email.
With MIUI 12, Xiaomi is taking steps towards transparency and for surfacing controls for permissions management. 54,999 / €899. From Mi Pay to Mi Credit, Helo, and more, there are close to fifteen redundant apps pre-installed on the device and I can’t say that they add anything meaningful to the experience.

It has a 90Hz screen (instead of 120Hz), its 5x telephoto isn't really 5x, and the battery charges at 30W, but it is still among the better flagships out there, and MIUI 12 will make it even better. This is even better than Android’s native split-screen implementation because I can place the floating window anywhere and resize it. Contact us Introduction.

There it is - the lucrative Mi 10 Ultra that only Chinese folks can have. This is definitely a serious flagship level smartphone.

Xiaomi has done a stellar job optimizing MIUI 11. While it doesn’t take away from the design, it does come across as an odd choice in such a well-thought-out device. Then again that heavy brick is the ultimate 120W charger - currently the fastest in the world. It sets new benchmarks for … The camera module sits near the left side of the frame. This new 48-megapixel sensor used in Xiaomi’s latest is drastically superior in low-light conditions due to its large 1/1.32-inch image sensor size, and both focus and shutter speed are fast.

120W fast charging does 40% in 5 mins, 100% in 26 mins!

The Mi 10 Ultra is truly one of the most intriguing smartphones of the season, if not the year. The Mi 10 holds an interesting position in Xiaomi’s line up.

Either pairing is plenty powerful, though technically a small step behind what Samsung is offering with a Snapdragon 865+ and 16GB of RAM. Huawei’s P40 Pro Plus is still the zoom king though. Unfortunately, Xiaomi still doesn’t include an app drawer in the launcher. 49,990 in India.

RSS feed This April marked the tenth anniversary of Xiaomi as a company, and it’s been quite a decade for the Beijing-headquartered tech firm.

Facebook For example, in the samples below, I can make out the types of coffee available and the price; and in the second shot, I can see the name of the restaurant from many floors down and several blocks away. For more photo samples, please see my camera-centric piece on this phone published last week, or watch my video review. Of course, not. The end result is hardware that feels sublime in the hand, delivers excellent battery life, and packs a truly game-changing fast wireless charging feature.

Alternatively, you can use the 50W wireless charger and a full charge there will still take less than most of the competition's wired fast charging. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra ⭐ review. The purple fringing between the slats of the staircase, as well as the reflections on the wall to the left are symptomatic of the camera trying too hard — and failing — to accurately capture the scene. Then again, Xiaomi did put money on a variety of startups and devices, that we just can't imagine a world without a Mi Band, Mi vacuums, Mi Air Purifier, Mi Routers, Mi Bulbs, and Mi whatnot. The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra offers Very Good loudness. Meanwhile, the 4,780mAh battery lasts a full day and then some. Eventually, Xiaomi filed a successful IPO, expanded to Europe, and is now the number one phone brand in India. You know the drill, it can’t be a high-end phone if it doesn’t have a top-of-the-line chipset. For the true Mi fans the hassle with customs and Google installations will be totally worth it. The all-new Vivo X50 Pro is another phone to consider. The Mi 10 Ultra upgrades on the already great Mi 10 Pro with plenty display enhancements - the screen now supports true 10bit color and hence it can display 1 billion colors. Let’s talk about real-world performance. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. Before focusing on this exciting beat, I was a general culture writer and editor with bylines in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, New York Magazine, among others. Celebrating Xiaomi's 10th anniversary, the Ultra pushes the limits of the Mi 10 series and brings the lineup to a close with the ultimate screen, the fastest charging, and the best of cameras. Si le Mi 10 Pro intégrait deux téléobjectifs ainsi qu’un ultra grand-angle de 20 mégapixels, rien de tout ça sur le Xiaomi Mi 10.