As jelly's significant other and a friend to apples and bananas, peanut butter is a beloved staple in many American pantries. Perhaps it's the creamy spread, the crunchy bite, or the plethora of options that make folks feel like they're flying to never-never-yum-land when they lick their spoon. We tested out both varieties, fifteen in total, and rated them on several factors mainly texture and consistency, salt content, sweet content, creaminess, flavor, and most importantly, overall experience. Made only from fresh ground roasted peanuts, each unsweetened Alpino PB is a tasty and healthy choice if you are someone that likes to eat PB for breakfast, snack on it in the evening before your gym session, and, whenever in between. The number 2 on our list of best peanut butter is Flex Peanut Butter. This is precisely why this brand is starting to gain traction among people who crave a quick protein boost after an intense session of running or workout . Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, PNG's leader defiant as lawmakers desert government. Per serving of 2 tbsp of this peanut butter has 32g, calories: 180% daily value, Fat: 15g 23%, sodium: 140mg 6%, carbohydrate: 8g 3%, protein: 7g, iron 4%. OK, this one gets points for its adorable label and a recycled glass jar, and nutritionists also love it for its low sodium content and limited ingredients. Now all you have to do is go through this article and understand why these peanut butter deserved a place on our list. All products under the Teddie label are made with sophisticated manufacturing practices that adhere to local food quality and safety standards, and the makers maintain a well-recognized food safety certification Safe Quality Food Level III given by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). Currently the best seller on, Pintola’s products are filled with goodness of peanut free from artificial ingredients, preservatives, excess sugar or salt. Every serving will cost you Rs. This PB brand is available in different variants namely crunchy and creamy. 3) There are various peanut butter brands available which one will be the best for my requirements? We researched for hours and dug into the most popular and readily available peanut butter in India. Crunchy peanut butter consists of small pieces of peanuts. Flavored peanut butter-like choco and honey flavored peanut butter also fall under this category. Being a good source of protein, fiber, and vitamin e, this keeps your heart healthy, and even boosts energy. Think of how delicious this pick would be when baking heavenly peanut butter cookies! This peanut butter will last you for 12 months when kept refrigerated after opening. With more varieties in the pipeline, HappyJars is truly all set to make peanut butter a breakfast staple in India. The Butternut Co is an up and coming nut butter label that is gaining more popularity in India. You'll also want to see the 24 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Eat Peanut Butter. Featuring among the bunch of up-and-coming peanut butter brands, HappyJars  is devoted to providing Indian people with a healthy and satisfying snack that is rich in nutrition as well. The majority of peanut butter is just ground up nuts with sometimes other minimal ingredients. Its peanut butter has lived up to the expectations and come forth as a great contender in this segment. It is delicious, nutty and contributes significantly towards your daily requirements. Every person who is a part of this profession or is interested in being one knows that bodybuilding is 20% gym and 80% diet. Shelf Life: 90 Days. Crunchy peanut butter contains 2% more fiber and less saturated fats. This is used as a spread on bread, toast, crackers, and sandwiches. Statista conducted a survey to determine the most beloved peanut butter brands. Crunchy, Creamy, Chocolate Peanut Butter Sauce, Creamy, Crunchy, Honey Roast Creamy, Honey Roast Crunchy. A family run business, the makers of Teddie have been in this business for well over 75 years now and are still doing great to uphold that tradition of making authentic PB. Each product in their non-unsweetened line has a pretty good balance of sweet and salt ingredients, so they are certainly far from tasting bland ( quite unlike some PB that are purely 100% peanuts, without traces of salt or sugar). Did you know that peanut butter is considered a super sports food? © 2020 Indian Bodybuilding. Teddie peanut butter is growing more and more popular by the day. While the company has gone through plenty of ebbs and flows over many decades, it remains a contender for PB-loving families. It's made of hazelnuts and cocoa powder, giving it an irresistible, dessert-like taste. Brand: Wingreens Farms. This has a shelf life of 6 months and has the least amount of preservatives amongst all the products on the list. This peanut butter is well known for its authentic American taste and is made using age-old recipes with the finest ingredients. Every serving will cost you Rs. Another important thing to consider is that the amount of calories you get from a single serving of natural PB is just about same as the calories found in commercial PB. It comes in a large size plastic jar that contains 1kg of nut butter inside. And adding to the entire package is the fact that every product is completely made in India. Does it look appealing? PB can be a good, natural, fat-free source of protein, but not when its nutrition is out of order. It has fresh-roasted peanuts, no added oils, and the perfect amount of salt. We have picked up some of the products which are easy on your pocket and are of good quality. Teddie peanut butter is indeed the best, all natural and hence a little costlier too. The information is intended for educational purposes only and and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such. Also Read: Best Whey Protein in India – 2020. Keep your heart healthy with this dietary, and creamy butter. Don’t get me wrong, it is natural and needs a bit of stirring. Note that we intentionally left off store brands (Kroger, Everday 365 by Whole Foods, etc.) It has no preservatives and no sugar. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. This peanut butter comes in a 1 Kg in a plastic jar that can help to suppress appetite and cravings, so you can stay satiated between meals and stay away from unhealthy snacking. Skippy’s product line includes creamy, crunchy, and super chunky peanut butter varieties.