Also, any additional tips to pack for kiddos? Some states require a You can remove the inside or outside layer depending on the weather. Along with the sweater it is advised that a woman bring a warm overcoat with her. The winter population of these towns is only a few hundred people. Untrue, my friends. The average low temperature of Alaska in September is typically around – 15 degrees Celsius with low winds. Growing up, almost every July was pretty rainy. If you visit in the winter, it’s important to be prepared for the weather. Visiting Alaska in the summer is not the kind of destination where you need specialized equipment and an entire list of gear to bring. Northern regions that reach beyond the Arctic circle see extreme cold, with temperatures dropping below -20 degrees Fahrenheit! Excellent! Yep, it is quite chilly! For adventurous travelers with time to spare, the drive to Alaska is a major bucket list item. It will probably rain, so I would pack as you mentioned, with all the layers for the changes (I think fleece is our preferred fabric up here, wool second). I almost lost my phone for this photo Here's, Cold weather makes curling up with a book sound so, What do you prefer: pumpkin pie or apple pie? Bring a lightweight, brimmed hat for sun and rain, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Would a sturdy leather jacket be better? Here are two of my favorite coats for the season: Those who live in Alaska, know this brand. No really though: if you have any problems sleeping with light, you’re going to need an eye mask to block out the light and get restful sleep. Late August sees weather patterns change, bringing clouds, frequent rainstorms, and cooler weather. Even in the middle of summer, there can be a bite to the morning air, and a hat can keep you cozy and warm while you wait for the sun to warm up the air. The Lonely Planet guide for Alaska is a great resource for planning and once you’re on the ground in the Last Frontier. The overcoat should be worn anytime you are going outside. I’d rather focus on my trip than spend time trying to find a pair of boots in a city I don’t know – shopping under pressure isn’t as fun! The weather here is dry but bone-chilling cold, and there are weeks where the sun never rises. This option can be customized with a nice thermal shirt underneath it and a nice pair of boots. FYI, most product links on my site are affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission from advertising or affiliate programs. I would have totally forgot an eye mask. You can start a hike in the morning with several layers on, and take them off as the day warms up and you make the climb. If it isn't raining in Ketchikan I'd be surprised! The Alaskan fall is short and sweet, lasting from September to October. This is easy, my dad goes to Alaska every year at the end of August for salmon fishing. Related: What are the most popular tours in Alaska? ): I’ve put together a weekend packing list, which can help you see some of the basics I pack for every single trip. The Northern Lights can be visible in Alaska anytime between September and April. Thin layers are also super easy to put in a bag, so you aren’t carrying around a big coat all day if you get too hot. For a coat, look for lightweight and waterproof. These ear warmers will help keep your head warm while you are in this incredibly cold weather. Having multiple thin layers will keep you warmer than one thick layer. These are two of my favorite coats that’ll keep you cozy, even in the Arctic: The word Fjällräven means Arctic fox, and this parka is made for Arctic winters! If you’re looking for the best weather, it’s undeniable that summer is the best time of year to visit Alaska. Fleeces were better and then you'll end up using them in Vancouver if you stay a couple of extra days like we did. Remember, Alaska is as big as Texas, California, and Montana combined, which means the south’s weather is very different from the north! Fairbanks is often cited as the best place in Alaska (and the U.S.) to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, though they can be spotted throughout the state. The weather remains pleasant until mid-September before becoming colder and wetter. Pack and plan for what is practical and comfortable for you - I think that would work best for your trip.