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أعفى قانون صندوق الاستثمار الشركات الناشئة عنه من كل الضرائب والجمارك والرسوم، برأيكم كيف من الممكن أن تستفيد خزينة الدولة من هذه الاستثمارات، إذا كانت معفاة من الضرائب والرسوم مدى الحياة؟ #209_شارع_الملك_حسين

يعاني القطاع العام في الأردن من نسبة تضخم عالية، ٪40 هي نسبة القوى العاملة في المؤسسات الحكومية والتي تستنزف رواتبهم ومخصصات تقاعدهم ثلثي ميزانية الحكومة، الأمر الذي يعيق من تطوير الخدمات. شاركونا رأيكم، هل أنتم مع تقليص حجم القوى العاملة في القطاع العام مقابل تحسين الخدمات؟ ‫#‏209_شارع_الملك_حسين‬ ‫#‏الأردن‬

هل تعتقد أن الإعلام الأردني يمارس دور تنويري حقيقي يعكس خطورة ما يحدث في البرلمان؟ أم أنّه يركز على الأحداث الشعبوية والصاخبة على حساب إهمال شرح القوانين المهمة للشعب. سياسيون وإعلاميون يجيبون على هذا السؤال في هذا الفيديو من الموسم الجديد من #209_ شارع_الملك_حسين بعد المتابعة شاركونا الحوار كيف تتخيّل البرلمان الأردني من خلال التغطيات الإعلامية؟

مهمة البرلمان كممثل للشعب الرقابة على الحكومة كما لو كنت أنت تراقبها بنفسك. كمواطن وكمتأثر مباشر بقرارات البرلمان هل تراقب البرلمان وتحرص على إيصال رأيك له؟ ما هي أهمية الرقابة الشعبية على الرقيب على الحكومة؟ هذا السؤال الذي يجيب عنه سياسيون وإعلاميون في الفيديو، ويهما جوابك أيضاً. في الموسم الثاني من برنامج #209_شارع_الملك_حسين With English Subtitles

ببساطة وبإختصار يجيب مجموعة من الخبراء والصحافيين والسياسيين عن رأيهم حول أداء مجلس النواب الحالي ضمن الدورة الجديدة لبرنامج #209_شارع_الملك_حسين With English subtitles

"Our Story" describes the Palestinian situation from 1948 until the present, with particular emphasis on the Apartheid wall and the evolution of the Israeli apartheid system. Presented by Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, the Secretary General of the Palestinian National Initiative, "Al Mubadara".
Aqaba is the hottest place in Jordan, in addition to indescribable humidity levels. Basel lives in Aqaba and he has won with us in Water, Energy and Coins. We brought to him a refrigerator that saves 70% of energy use compared to his old one, and we installed shaders for the windows to prevent sunlight from raising the temperature inside the house, and we also installed water saving devices, and of course some priceless tips.
An extensive investigation in Palestine about the moment of the death of the Jordanian Judge Raed Zuaiter, according to eyewitnesses and violations documentation centers. What punishment is waiting for the soldier who killed Raed Zuaiter if he was convicted? There are things that Jordanians don't know yet.
A brief to the screening of classical "The Red Balloon" Zaatri Camp, 13th of March, 2014
#WithSyria International video
In the final episode of this season, we look back to the most important events of the past year. We review the legislative and regulatory achievements and failures of the Parliament. We introduce you to the types of domination and pressures to which MP’s are exposed, and the reasons behind the absence of popular control, and finally we address the Parliament Ethics.
In this episode we discuss female Jordanian parliamentarians dedication to women's issues, and why they don’t consider women's and demands their top priority, and how we can assess the their achievements compared to those of women parliamentarians in Arab Maghreb Countries, and finally are civil rights of children and spouses of Jordanian women a substitute for the nationality or a step toward it?
The Jordanian citizen pays the same amount of taxes and fees the Swedish citizen pays, but the latter is ranked as one of the best citizens in the world in terms of social welfare in regard to transportation, health, education and access to clean water and the share of development. Does the government has any plan to improve the economy in the long run and? In this episode we discuss the state budget for 2014 and we leave it to the professional economists in Jordan to answer the question …
After graduating from Concordia university with a degree in finance, and working at financial institutions for a several years, Tareq decided that this was not his field so he quit his job in order to return to his passion: music. He studied violin at McGill university before turning to classical guitar and that is where his musical career started to take off. He is the winner of both the First Prize and the Audience Choice Award in the Barrios WorldWideWeb Competition, First-Prize winner in the Montréal International Classical Guitar Competition, and Second-Prize winner in the Tokyo 55th International Classical Guitar Competition. Harb has also been chosen as one of CBC Radio's NEXT! 2013 artists, where he was celebrated as "Canada's next classical guitar superstar". He is currently completing a PHD in performance at the University of Toronto in Canada.
When two employees with the same qualifications work in the same office and one of them receives 400 JD’s while the other receives 4000 JD’s to do the same job, this means that one of them was recruited through the civil service system while the other one works with independent bodies. Did the law of restructuring achieve justice? Did it reduce the deficit of the independent institutions which approached the deficit of the government itself? and what role do the empowered ones play in weakening the law to maintain their gains?
What did the head of the Legal Committee in the Senate, Mohammed Samid, tell the delegation of the U.S. Justice Department about the State Security Court when he was president of the Court of Cassation, according to the documents and WikiLeaks? How did the Abdallah Nsour change from a strong opponent for the State Security Court when he was an MP to his current attitude? How did the powers of the terms of the State Security Court expand to the extent of interfering in marital disputes? These questions and others are to be answered in this episode about the State Security Court.   all these questions and more in this episode as the law of the State Security Court ...