In fact, Sweden was ranked first by the Legatum Prosperity Index three years in a row in 2010, 2011, and 2012. Travel Tip: A great way to see Iguazu Falls, one of South America's most spectacular natural attractions (shared between Brazil and Argentina) is via tour boat. Its small countryside towns, welcoming pubs and charming bed and breakfasts, grand castle hotels, lush green landscapes, and the lively capital of Dublin make it a winner in our book. Austria 12. It is also consistently ranked among the world's best countries in which to live. There are lots of countries with year-round sunshine (Australia and Morocco come to mind), but it's hard to top Brazil as a country to live in for sunny weather. Apart from the Best Countries of 2018, Canada scored high in several other sub-rankings much like that for Quality of Life. Only 67% are satisfied with this factor in 2018, compared to slightly over five in seven (72%) in 2017. United Kingdom 14. According to a study conducted by the Legatum Institute in 2018, Norway is the best country to live in today. Travel Tip: Dine at Bloody Mary's on Bora Bora, which has a tiki-style bar and a sand floor. Quality of Life Rankings for 2019, evaluated 70 countries and surveyed more than 120,000 people from four regions (the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa); places were graded on eight attributes. Expats in Portugal, on the other hand, are especially impressed with the quality of the environment (96%) and the local climate and weather (94%). We could certainly pick the U.S. for this category (New York's skyline is second to none), but China just might have it over us when it comes to multiple cities/regions with impressive skylines. A total of 14% also say that they are generally unhappy with their life in Germany. Australia impresses with relatively affordable and high-quality healthcare. Well, a recent version of the United Nations' Human Development Report and the U.S. News & World Report's Best Countries List for 2018 have given us a snapshot of countries with a high quality of life and long life expectancy. Germany has indeed lost ground across almost all factors, compared to 2017. ); In the bottom 3, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Myanmar occupy 68th, 67th, and 66th place. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Holiday Vacation Destinations Worth the Trip, Stay On "Friendsgiving Island" This Thanksgiving, Work-From-Home-Friendly Hotels to Visit ASAP, Surreal Places You Wouldn’t Think Are in the US, 15 Road Trip Essentials You Won’t Want to Forget, Keep Your Devices Dry With a Waterproof Phone Case, We Found the Most Beautiful Places in the World, The Travel Pillow That Also Works for Meditation, These Are the Most Beautiful Cities in the World, Jill is the former travel editor at, showing her expertise on everything from the. ), but we also can't overlook the fact that, according to the most recent United Nations Human Development Report, the Swiss live to an average age of 83, making it one of the top countries in the world for life expectancy. Israel, Australia, and Bahrain are the clear winners in the index. The study, conducted by U.S. News in partnership with Y&R’s BAV and Wharton, broke down 80 countries’ overall rankings based “on 75 different metrics.” This Human Development Index, or HDI, is “a measure of basic human developments within 188 countries, released by the UN in its annual Human Development Report.”, All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020, The 10 Best Teams That Didn't Qualify For The 2018 FIFA World Cup, The 50 Best Countries To Live In, In 2019, Best Cities To Live In: Nova Scotia, Canada, Best Cities To Live In: New Brunswick, Canada, European Countries That Are Not Members Of The European Union, The US States Most Prone To Natural Disasters. To be specific about the classification, the distinctive categories taken into account by Legatum’s ranking are economic growth, personal freedom, health, education, wealth, quality of life, and personal well-being. While the available leisure activities get somewhat better feedback, with 79% positive responses, the country is still doing worse than in 2017 and drops from 16th to 23rd place for this aspect of life abroad. It borders only North Ireland, part of the United Kingdom, to the north. You'll find every type of adventure you're looking for, from biking and hiking, to surfing and bungee jumping — even canyoning. All three have consistently been ranked among the bottom 10 in the past five years. 1 country to live in for the best quality of life, according to the U.S. News & World Report 2018 Best Countries list. By Lanessa Cago on June 19 2020 in World Facts. A consistent ranker on the list of the world's best places to live, the UK boasts a strong network of healthcare and education infrastructure. Conducted by the U.S. News & World Report, the poll ranked 80 countries based on attributes in nine broad categories.More than 21,000 people from around the world completed the survey. Known for its whitewashed villages, open-air tavernas, black-sand beaches, and ancient ruins, you'll certainly feel like you've found paradise. The only North American country on this list, Canada is another common inclusion of the list of the world's best countries to live in. Located in the Southern Hemisphere, and comprising of a North Island and a South Island, New Zealand's 4.8 million residents enjoy incredibly high quality levels of education, health care, economic opportunities, freedom, governance, and more. Citizens of the Netherlands enjoy a country that is well-governed and free from corruption. Every ranking always has a degree of subjectivity. The country is regularly ranked between position 10 and 15 due to educational opportunities, personal freedom, and safety in the country. Stop into one to sample some pralines, which were invented here in 1912. Here are the top 20 countries that offer a good quality of life. Corruption seems endemic at all levels of society in Malta. Singapore 19. It's Honolulu (#23). 21 Sep 2017. Gross domestic product per capita, life expectancy, and freedom to make life choices are factored in — and, surely, those beautiful fjords have something to do with it! Malta is the biggest loser in the Quality of Life Index, dropping 19 ranks from 19th to 38th place. No doubt the city's incredible architecture — both modern and traditional — factored into the decision. Taiwan is particularly popular for its affordable healthcare (96%) and the quality of medical care (92%), as well as personal safety (98%). Norway also consistently ranks as one of the world's happiest countries. A new ranking that evaluated countries on everything from economic influence, power, citizenship and quality of life, has declared Switzerland the world's best country for 2018. Your use of this service is subject to our Opa! While Scandinavian countries like Norway, Finland, and Sweden are all considered top spots to see the Northern Lights, also known as aurora borealis, many people forget about Greenland. – (see other sub-rankings at bottom). function() { In 2018, Germany has lost 16 places in the Quality of Life Index, dropping from 10th to 26th rank, not least due to the country’s poor performance in the new Digital Life subcategory. The Leap to Single-Payer: What Taiwan Can Teach. Travel Tip: Be sure to see the Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring, the largest hot spring in the United States. On the upside, Spain shows great results for all factors in the Leisure Options subcategory. The average life expectancy in the UK is 81.60 years. .hide-if-no-js { Travel Tip: After your fill of chocolates, head to Bruges' 13th-century Market Square for a lunch of moules frites and a local beer. Your use of this service is subject to our, Cost of Living Index by Country 2020 Mid-Year, Health Care Index by Country 2020 Mid-Year, Property Prices Index by Country 2020 Mid-Year, Indicador de Qualidade de Vida por País 2018, Indice della Qualità della Vita per Nazione 2018. Travel Tip: Rent a kayak to explore Saimaa Lake, the largest lake in Finland — keep an eye out for the endangered Saimaa ringed seal. Business Edition! Thank you for visiting Best Calgary Homes. Plus, don't forget that Champagne, the region that produces the best bubbly in the world, is just an hour from Paris. Bahrain has improved particularly for peacefulness and personal safety. This research is based on the Legatum "Prosperity Index" of each nation and does not take into account some of the other factors that were previously mentioned like climate, lifestyle, and population. Top 10 Countries w/ the Best Quality of Life (2018) #1 – Canada #2 – Denmark #3 – Sweden #4 – Norway #5 – Australia #6 – Switzerland #7 – Finland #8 – Netherlands #9 – New Zealand #10 – Germany. At the bottom of the top 20 list of the countries which offer the best quality of life is South Korea. However, what the country wins in digital accessibility, it loses in regard to various other factors, including the available leisure activities, where it drops 22 places. Travel Tip: Have a cappuccino amid sumptuous decor in some of Italy's most historic cafes, including Rome's Antico Caffè Greco, dating from 1760, and Caffè Florian in Venice, which opened in 1720. Since the Spanish government temporarily suspended the region’s autonomy, the relationship between Catalonia and Spain has been tense. Experience the Best Places to Visit in the USA, Best Travel Sites for Booking the Sweetest Deals, These Towns Have the Best Beaches in the World, Best Local-Inspired Things to Do in Toronto, Canada, The World's Most Famous Buildings You Have to See, Our Definitive Ranking of the Countries in Epcot, The Absolute Best Places to Live in Florida. 2 All in all, 19% of expats are unhappy with this factor. Another area in which Portugal is doing rather well is the Safety & Security subcategory. Israel has improved when it comes to personal safety and political stability, gaining ten places for both factors. Plus, two of Japan's cities, Osaka (#3) and Tokyo (tied with Toronto at #7) rank in the top 10 of the Global Liveability Index released by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Portugal 21. People consistently view a small group of nations as best providing for their citizens. According to the World's Friendliest Countries Report, Ireland is tops when it comes to friendly folks. A model utilized by the United Nations to conduct a similar study utilizes three major categories of human development, namely ready access to education, a decent standard of living, and long, healthy lives. Travel Tip: Take a spin on Montreal's recently opened 197-foot-high Observation Wheel — the views of the city and the St. Lawrence River are incredible! In addition to Hong Kong, which has the bonus of Victoria Harbour fronting its skyscrapers, there's Shanghai, Macau, Beijing, and Shenzhen.