75. Twenty years ago we witnessed one of the high-water marks of the collective form. It’s worth listening to today. Appleseed Cast would morph into a confident Mogwai by way of Braid kind of thing. Actually, yeah, Global Communication almost made the list. Frodus – Conglomerate International – Frodus were the bad boys of the Chrindie rock world. It’s a great record and holds up well. Lost Dogs – Little Red Riding Hood – Little Red Riding Hood is a bit more ecumenical than Gift Horse, which was really a Terry Taylor solo album. Vigilantes of Love – Killing Floor – If you’re looking for a CCM Michael Stipe, look no further than Bill Mallonee. The O.C. Sass O’ Frass Tunic – As Blue as the State Allows – Besides having one of the best bad names in the 90s, Sass O’ Frass Tunic made a pretty great bluesy gospel album on Mike Knott’s label, Blond Vinyl. 100 Chillout Classics comes jam packed with a stellar line-up of 100 of the most beautifully laid-back chill-out classics of all time.. Luxury – Amazing and Thank You –  This is sort of the perfect marriage between the twee pop of Tullycraft and the radio rock of Gin Blossoms, an album layered in a stack of distorted guitars and pretty vocals. Well worth listening to!! Puller – Sugarless – Not to be confused with Lifter Puller, the Minneapolis band that became The Hold Steady, Puller was another post-Nirvana unit doing that dirty and punkish rock and roll. 66. Waterdeep –   Everyone’s Beautiful –  Crossing between Lisa Loeb and Counting Crows, Everyone’s Beautiful is a deft chunk of music. This album was more The Band ala R.L. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Almost like an early Beirut, though I would say better. More Crayon than Better Than Ezra, it’s perfect. Undercover  –  Balance of Power  – Balance of Power is one of the more name checked punk records in CCM, though, really, it sounds like a hair metal album, which isn’t a glowing recommendation. 97. Mad at the World – Boomerang – Coming from Terry Taylor’s Alarma Records, Mad at the World is one of more maligned bands in the CCM world as they were comfortable with the prickly aspects of being a human being like, you know, wanting to have sex – “Isn’t Sex a Wonderful Thing?” – and doing drugs. Casino Versus Japan Casino Versus Japan (1998) 87: 87. – Jeff Terich, The KLF were some crazy motherfuckers. The rest of the album is second rate Gin Blossoms fare but “Waiting for Godot” should have made these guys millionaires. Within it, the birth and blossoming of sounds with vital legacies: the frenetic jazz extensions of drum ’n’ bass, the enveloping textures of ambient and trance, industrial’s carny and distorted madness, the populist stomp of big beat, and so much more. Dr. Brubaker’s Strawberry Alarm Clock remains one of the most wildly creative downtempo records of the ’90s; it’s a trip through one hell of a rabbit hole. Though it’s fair to say Sceva was on the opposite end of the ‘moral’ spectrum as the Whigs. That’s okay, though, as long this wacko science fiction take on Christianity is out there. I don't deny that this is an ok album; BUT the definition of chillout has been stretched to the absolute limit ... and then some ... and the 'ultimate' in the tag line is something of a liberty given the sheer number of massive chillout classics that have been left out in favour of tunes that don't fit even the most liberal definition of the genre. Or Electronic’s first album? Jetenderpaul – Trying Signals: The Histrionics of Suggestion – Emerging at the end of the end of the 90s, Velvet Blue Music, founded by CCM’s “one man band,” Jeff Cloud, released some of most interesting Christian music. Another Blond Vinyl band, Jacob’s Trouble played on the classic pop rock theme: The Zombies, Hollies, etc. 48. There’s a story Mike Knott once killed a man. 74. “Breakfast,” “Take Me to Your Leader,” “Lost the Plot,” “God is Not a Secret” are all well-crafted pop songs, left for those who wanted to mine into CCM granite. 93. Lovelife is a gorgeous little record. No Coldcut, DJ Krush, DJ Vadim, DJ Cam or DJ Food? Blindside – Blindside – Swedish metal is not in short supply, but Swedish Christian metal is, or least was, not so well-stocked until Blindside came along. Then, Knott almost gave it them. “Vegas” just missed the cut. 78. Flying was the more polished of their two releases and would fit in modern radio, even today. 58. He let a kid in the audience come up and play guitar for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” as Sam West played drums and Pritzl sang. Hey there, one of the authors here. Music for Reading - Lounge, Chillout, Acoustic Guitar and Piano Music, Music for Re... 2 CD CÔTE D’AZUR - EXCLUSIVE PARTY Mixed & Selected by PAPA DJ The Best of Lounge, ... 4CD 100 Songs Relax, Musica Rilassante, Peaceful, Wellness Relax, Lounge Music, Rel... Sloth Lover Jewelry Be More Sloth Get A Grip Take Your Time Chill Out Sloth Bracele... Sea Waves CD - Natural Sounds of The Ocean - For Relaxation, Meditation,Visualisati... To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. (1997; Virgin/Freestyle Dust), How do you live up to the promise of a debut like Exit Planet Dust? 100 Chillout Classics comes jam packed with a stellar line-up of 100 of the most beautifully laid-back chill-out classics of all time. Any consideration given to Global Communications? That would probably be  Fetch the Compass Kids. Resurrection Band – Lament – Sometimes in the NBA a player will win MVP not because he was the most valuable player in the league, but because of a body of work over a long stretch of time. Some of his later work was interesting, like Real Panic Formed under the Suffering of Hideous Thieves alias, but nothing tops Short Hand Operation, a snotty, bratty, chorus-laden opus. Anyone made a Spotify Playlist out of all of these ? Following the found-sound relaxation journey of 1990’s Chill Out, The KLF delivered a set of dancefloor-engineered acid house on The White Room, essentially a compilation of singles updated and placed in a proper album context. And Moby’s self titled first album was his best work, period. Breakfast With Amy – Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt – Breakfast with Amy was another Chrindie supergroup, like Cush or Lost Dogs, featuring a collection of artists who would go on to work in a variety of bands from Fluffy, Plague of Ethels, Sass O’ Frass Tunic, and Duraluxe. Really, though, I think, Lassie Foundation – a supergroup of sorts boasting a line-up of Wayne Everett (Starflyer 59), Eric Campuzano (Charity Empressa), Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) made music just a bit sunnier. Burnside than the Smiths sung by Gordon Gano, which was Breakfast with Amy. 64. 100 Best Albums of the ’90s From Moby to Nirvana, the records that defined a decade . On a primitive level, it feels like a Suicide record—minimal buzzing synth-punk arrangements with manic, paranoid yelps (which also means it sounds a little like Scott Walker in the ’90s). Neither as coldly intense as Autechre nor as eerily nostalgic as Boards of Canada, Plaid run wild with colorful textures and ear-catching melodies on their Warp Records debut. 77. Killer album! 25. At the time, Daniel Smith was about to shed the homemade feel of his records for a more professional sound, with Steve Albini producing the next record, Fetch the Compass Kids. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Please try again. They deserved it. Well, why don’t you try creating something like that. Almost like Audio Adrenaline saying, “Okay, world, we know you’re never going to hear this, but we’re still going to make a perfect pop single.”  Kind of amazing. I am compelled to include it. I want to be Reese Roper. Black Eyed Sceva – Way Before the Flood – For religious fans of Gentleman era Afghan Whigs. Grammatrain – Flying –  Grammatrain made driving, radio-ready rock records a la Helmet and Smashing Pumpkins. Liberte Ex Inferis was once, and perhaps still is, a beacon for struggling Christian metalheads. Puller carved out a small niche within Chrindie circles but never rose to the national fame bands like Bush, Everclear, and Candlebox would as they rode the Cobain wave. 41. It is a naive record, in a way, but important to any fan of SF59 or Joy E. 28. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Only this vessel isn’t going to the real Moon—it’s going to the Black Lodge. This was Knott’s outlet for his harder side, almost sounding like the Foo Fighters meets Jeff Buckley meets Husker Du. Before Steve Taylor joined the band, Edwards and Pascal Edwards made this romping, symbolic, almost literary, album. So, you know, it has to be here. For fans, Strip Cycle was a glimpse into a soul more messed up than their own. Their immediacy can partially be attributed to the choice to partner up with a series of vocalists—Nicolette on the seductive Aphex noir of “Extork,” Björk on the gorgeously atmospheric “Lillith”—but it’s also simply a result of their own limitless creative possibility.