Studies note that watermelon juice is a good source of citrulline and can increase blood levels of both citrulline and arginine considerably (15, 17, 18). Watermelon is a delicious low-calorie treat with numerous benefits. However, due to its fructose content, it is considered high in FODMAPs, or fermentable short-chain carbohydrates (3). Individuals who are sensitive to FODMAPs, such as those with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), should consider avoiding watermelons. Mega Lit Teas are the perfect addition to your breakfast shake! Insulin is a vital hormone in your body and involved in blood sugar control. Nutrition Facts. The watermelon diet can help you lose weight, reduce inflammation, and cleanse your body of toxins — at least according to the Internet chatter…. Carbs. Here are the top 9 ways that watermelon can improve your health. The sweet, fizzy, refreshing taste will make you think you’re on a tropical island without leaving your house. 3 Parts Topo Chico or Club Soda. Pear Orange Sangria Spritz is all of the fruity flavor and none of the squeeze – grab a can and start sipping. If you have diabetes, watching what you eat is crucial. 250 calories. The carbs are mostly simple sugars, such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose. 5 fl oz. Fruits loaded with natural sugars can be tricky. 168. #HAVEARITA. Muscle soreness is a well-known side effect of strenuous exercise. This leads to a reduction in blood pressure (26). mix with club soda and a squeeze of lime to make a skinny margarita! Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, Here’s What You Need to Know About the Salmonella Outbreak in Melons. Both of these amino acids aid nitric oxide production. How much nutrition you get from watermelon seeds depends on how many you eat. Privacy Policy. Calories per serving of Watermelon Margarita 64 calories of Tequila, (1 fl. Watermelon is a refreshing treat, but is it safe for babies? Muddling strawberries, crushing mint, adding sugar – mojitos are hard. This is the easiest Cosmo you’ll ever make! Fat. Both citrulline and arginine play an important role in the synthesis of nitric oxide, which helps lower blood pressure by dilating and relaxing your blood vessels (13). Just in time!! ; For additional flavor, you could add in some strawberries, pineapple cubes, or even passion fruit. Watermelon is a good source of vitamin C and contains decent amounts of potassium, copper, vitamin B5, and vitamin A (from beta carotene). Age is just a number. Make It Now . What’s more, it’s sweet, delicious, and packed with water, making it excellent for maintaining good hydration. AND DULCE VIDA BLANCO TEQUILA. and 270 calories. Alcohol content of lime beer will differ depending on the market in which it's sold due to state regulations of permissible alcohol content. oz) 40 calories of Watermelon… ; I used 1 tablespoon of Erythritol to sweeten the margaritas but you can use a liquid sweetener like maple syrup if you prefer. Watermelon is an exceptionally healthy fruit. Watermelon also provides a small amount of fiber. #HAVEARITA. Watermelon consists mostly of water (91%) and carbs (7.5%). Herbalife Nutrition Club in Wilmington Opening at 6:00 AM tomorrow Get Quote Call (910) 399-3883 Get directions WhatsApp (910) 399-3883 Message (910) 399-3883 Contact Us Find Table … Watermelon is a good source of vitamin C and a decent source of several other vitamins and minerals. For example, in some markets, Bud Light Lime may not exceed 3.2% alcohol by weight or 4% by volume. Come see what the buzz is all about !! DISCOVER MORE . Watermelon may reduce blood pressure and insulin resistance in some people. Enter your age before you HAVE-A-RITA™. Your domain registration is pending. Dulce Vida Margarita – Made with tequila, lime, and orange liqueur — as authentic a ready-to-drink cocktail as you can get. Insulin resistance is the condition in which your cells become resistant to the effects of insulin. FODMAPs like fructose may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms, such as bloating, gas, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and constipation. Arginine is also important for many organs — such as your lungs, kidneys, liver, and immune and reproductive systems — and has been shown to facilitate wound healing (14, 15, 16). 250 calories. This fruit also contains FODMAPs, which may cause unpleasant digestive symptoms. Eating high amounts of fructose can cause unpleasant digestive symptoms in individuals who cannot fully digest them, such as those with fructose malabsorption (4). Facebook Instagram Product Locator Purchase Instagram Product Locator Purchase Watermelon is a poor source of antioxidants compared to other fruits (9). Calorie breakdown: 2% fat, 98% carbs, 0% protein. When Should I Start Feeding My Baby Watermelon? Do not share this content with minors. Perfect for any occasion like a day at the pool, boat, or parking lot before the big game, our sparkling Ready To Drink Margaritas and Palomas give you a high-quality cocktail experience on the go. #HAVEARITA, Make me a Mang-O-Rita! We take ripe, juicy mango flavors and mix them with a classic margarita flavor for you to conveniently enjoy. It provides almost no protein or fat and is very low in calories. . Top 9 Health Benefits of Eating Watermelon. 19 Water-Rich Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated. Squeeze of fresh lime. Watermelon is well tolerated by most people. Seriously love strawberry but want to kick it up a notch? What’s more, it’s a good dietary source of both citrulline and lycopene, two powerful plant compounds. No problem. Strawberry Blueberry Sangria Spritz will have you feeling like you’re sipping sangria in Spain.