Ist links oben in der Statusleiste zu sehen bei Samsung Galaxy mit Android. Cannot find anything that explains this and it’s new within the last couple of hours. I’m using gionee F103 android phone I’m seeing an symbol close to the 4g upload download signal that’s unfamiliar to me and I’m unable to see the recent call list if I open the call button. Check your weather app and change it from Farehneit to Celsius to see if this is the Weather app. I search all about status bar icon, still not find the correct one. Then go to the ‘Languages ​​and input’ menu, where you will find the option ‘Emoji iWnn IME’. It probably means that someone has connected to your Hotspot, likely your device. This question the main reason why we decided to create the following article and explain to you what those icons are, appearing on your smartphones or tablets so that you can decide whether or not the notifications they represent are important or not. Download. In general, the letter N, around which there are two brackets on each side, they are either round or sharper. And how to fix it? This icon basically means that your Android device is casting via wireless to another device that is connected on the network, like an Android smart TV for example. I don’t know what the symbol on the left of wifi is. Ik kan het Nergens vinden. This could be because you may have installed some type of network related app, that optimizes your apps’ network usage to make your connection faster. GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO. This is definitely not nfc, since nfc is in the right corner and looks different. How to set up quick menu in SAMSUNG Galaxy J3 Orbit? However, in this case only these applications will be able to read the emojis: emojis set in classic messages can not be read for instance. Any help? If you are using mobile connection, then this is definitely the icon which you should be familiar with. If you find yourself not knowing what the two arrow and letters mean, for example, we're here to help make sense of these unintelligible glyphs. With so many panels, icons, and marks on this phone, it may be tough to understand it all. dit is op een sony xperia 10 net nieuw ingesteld, was vergeten de link toe te voegen, what is the heart rate sensor on the system try just left to battery icon … How to remove it boz camera is not working, There is a broken triangle with arrows pointing up and down inside the triangle. It appears in the status bar next to my alarms icon and Bluetooth icon on the Android system. Having graduated Marketing as well, Ventsislav also has passion for learning new shifts and innovations in cybersecurity that become game changers. Using OPPO, I can’t work out what this icon is on the top right screen….