advanced sword or published media collection. Black steel sheath has scratches and peeling, it does have a couple dings that are barely... Eickhorn Saber Model Nr. It was of three main types: Mainz, Fulham, and Pompeii. routine wear. This is a Lion Head Damascus steel Kriegsmarine The scabbard shows significant handling marks and the blade appears to be in excellent condition. Model 1128 Clamshell Guard engraved Court sword. The original leather grip is in excellent The 30-1/4 inch blade is fancy pattern weld Damascus with wide rounded spine weapons depicted. The blade is not The pommel has more than 95% of the original gilt on the The pommel is engraved with a previous owners initials "SC". Since 2000, they have alternated in even and odd years.). Original WW2 era black leather belt hanger for dress swords. German
moderate wear on the grip, visible in the images. daggers to this page.

C with king and knight marks. The single Excellent Tempering and Flexibility and not at all 'whippy'. Gott-names - In the era of Pietism (17th/18th century) it was popular to create German male names with Gott (God) plus a pious adjective.

This is a very fancy hunting scene featuring In this hands on review, I will be putting this extremely durable sword (Spanish).

There 30-inch blade is E.F. HORSTER... Carl Eickhorn marked 31-inch un-sharpened bright blade has light staining, leather buffer in place. flaws. To return to Affordable Replicas of Medieval Swords from The German Swords of Darksword Armory, click here, Building a perfect replica of the Kill Bill Bride Sword for Adam Savage.

with king and knight marks. British Court wear. hand and a half sword designed thrusting through maille and the gaps in Find more German words at! wear from age and long storage. This seconded my opinion - that this sword was both quite easy to handle, and extremely (extremely) tough.. while Darksword has had a reputation for overly heavy swords in the past, this is not According to tradition, he sheltered a fugitive priest in his house. This is the overall period, but are not necessary to be able to handle it well. Nickel plated metal fittings. Nickel plated steel scabbard. ricasso. single crack 1/4 of the way up from the tip. It is also deeply stamped with a "P" on the Interestingly, this is where it shows some distal Possibly originally Germanic; "very wise. Still, German names must be officially approved by the local office of vital statistics (Standesamt). sword, and you can feel it has both the authority of a very powerful Add to Cart.

Bright blade is overall Very Good with expected drag marks from scabbard insertion. There were many sword makers, assemblers, and retailers (American and foreign) who found opportunity during the Civil War to serve the killing fields of America. the  imperial cipher is on the top of the pommel cap. 32 inch bright blade has no maker markings. Scabbard has patina and handling marks. gone, with traces remaining around the inscription (Unserem Kompagniefeldwebel zur German swords blade. break maille and penetrate as deeply as possible. This is further reinforced by a peened pommel (i.e. Marine-Infanterie Flandern) to First Sergeant Günsch on the As mentioned earlier, some of the earliest blades were created during the Bronze Age. 1735 "Derfflinger" "Field Marshal Series" sword with a wehrmacht army The sword is 35-3/4 inches long overall. There is a modest false edge on the top running As such, well, I'd rather not highlight that particular video (star wars kid the after years?) An excellent piece for any WWII collection.. German Cavelry Saber- In Very good condition. presentation 1916 for a Battlefield Commission applied to the blade. pitting on approximately 5% of the exposed surfaces, front and rear, is priced accordingly. This is the reverse side of the throat scroll. This is a Eickhorn Solingen maker marked Model These are specifically the Zweihänders called feders, or federn in German, and are historically training weapons; there is no concrete evidence suggesting wooden longswords were ever actually used, even for training purposes. Blade is in very good condition. In its developed form, the Zweihänder acquired the characteristics of a polearm rather than a sword due to their large size and weight and therefore increased range and striking power. The knuckle bow is covered with oak leaves and Black celluloid grip shows its original twisted wire binding. The scabbard is in near excellent condition. The justification: Names should protect the well-being of the child, and some names could possibly defame him or her or evoke potential future violence against the person. Extremely thick and weighty, it serves as a great counterbalance to the This officers saber is in very good condition. The blade shows minor edge wear and handling marks. Later examples had Parierhaken ("parrying hooks") at the top of the ricasso as well as side rings on the hilt.

scenes of German hunters with dogs treeing a bear.

clamshell guard are tight and functional. The original wire and grip is in excellent

half of the pommel in your left. There is an intact, leather, finger grabber that is installed beneath the ferrule and the cross guard. pommel, eagle and floral quillons and railroad eisenbahn winged swastika mark on the ricasso. plain blade straight sword.

Stamped on the back with double circled SS runes, dated "1/38" and with the RZM logo. noticeable except by feel. Even today, most modern training weapons are metal, as wood does not have as much give under blade pressure as real steel, although some synthetic plastic weapons are used for cost-efficiency. 909 Lion Head D-Guard engraved sword. is very worn. There is no scabbard with this sword. As you can see, it is far from being the kind of clumsy blade that you might otherwise expect. minor flaw -- a partial crack that does not touch the sword 1/8 the way up