Castor oil in your hair? . Mario Badescu Facial Sprays Reviews: Are They Worth It & Which One's Best? I’m glad you enjoyed it and YESS GIRL GROW YOUR HAIR! <3. I cut my hair pretty short at the end of last year and for now I’m enjoying that freedom (and the surprise that it’s not frizzing out as much as I thought it would?! I missed wearing ponytails and yearned to try all of those big braids on Pinterest. We don’t realise how much toll our daily activities take on our hair (the environment, weather, us touching it, etc.) But now it keeps growing and it’s so frustrating because it hits my shoulders and flicks everywhere. The best technique for a scalp massage on yourself is to hang your head over the edge of a bed and apply pressure with your fingertips in a tiny circular motion. A year later, my hair is already quite long but I want it a bit longer. My hair isn’t as curly as yours but I thought the thickness would be a huge problem going short (and it is some days, the frizz is crazy haha) but most of the time it’s okay! 3 Key Things That Make Your Nails Grow Faster, 20 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Curly Hair. I’m a nineties girl, through and through! Let me know in the comments below! Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it yourself. in ten months. I’m currently on vitamins and switching to less heat on my hair. It also can be used multiple times a day if any previous sensitivities are flaring up. Heat is damaging as hell for your hair and using it often can leave it brittle, dry and frizzy. x. I wear my hair in a braid almost every time I work, and it seems to really help my hair grow! Hair grows at an average rate of half an inch per month, or about six inches per year.. I wish I could stay away from my straightener but I definitely use it to straighten or fix up my ends way too many times a week, I’m considering just chopping my hair all off again. And omg girl I feel your pain…I once had to cut it because it was literally green… I’m glad you’re finding things that work for you though! Incorporate a few drops of rosemary oil, lavender oil, thyme oil, and cedar wood oil (or as the container specifies) into a carrier oil will also enhance a scalp massage. Here's what I found out. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, 52 Easy Hairstyles for Girls to Try Before School, 32 Fun Summer Styles for Every Type of Hair, When You Were Born, This Was The Trendiest Haircut, 30 Beautiful, Easy Braids and Braided Hairstyles. This method has gained steam over the past several years, with celebrities and normal folks alike touting it as their secret. Take a quick look at your scalp and note what you see. One way is by adding two tablespoons ground cayenne pepper, ½ cup coconut oil, and a ½ cup of olive oil. My hair just grows out and fluffy until it hits collarbone level and from there the weight pulls it down and makes it more manageable; I think you just have to suffer through the flicky stage! Plus, hair products for curly hair are SO EXPENSIVE. The folks at DevaCurl recommend skipping shampoo all together, or at least opting for a low-lather cleanser. I am about a 2B-2C on the curl chart and let me just say – taking care of curly hair can be a nightmare sometimes. As anyone who's grown out a pixie knows, it's a nightmare — and one that's often even more frustrating for curly girls. Blood carries nutrients that hair needs to grow. Ooo I’ll definitely need to try the castor oil one, this has been suggested many times and after this post… I really need to! And yes natural shampoos are awesome Thank you lovely xx, You mean it’s not the 90’s anymore?? Overall Health Is Important for Beautiful, Long and Thick Hair Get Your Vitamins and Nutrients. Just like you moisturize your face, legs, hands, arms, etc, your scalp needs moisture to stay healthy too! Stick around, drop me a line and enjoy your stay! Second of all, wow that hair is amazing and OMG I can’t believe how long you got it in just 10 months?? 3. Aloe vera has many benefits on hair including hair growth! A lifestyle blog celebrating the little things that make life great. All we can do is to take care of it. And I have literally been using EVERY hair trick on the planet and then some (would doing a hair dance work at all?). This increases the blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. I’m not saying never, just not frequently. When it was long, all I wanted it to do was grow. xx, Omg every time I read your comments it puts the biggest smile on my face! Aloe vera will not make hair look greasy and does not need to be washed out. By this point, we’ve all used the internet enough to know all the benefits of eating good and fuelling our bodies with nutritionally rich foods . There’s really simple and inexpensive DIY hair masks online which will do the trick! The experts agree that curly girls should steer clear of sulfates, polymers, and parabens, all of which can both strip hair of its natural oils and lead to build-up at the follicle that can slow down growth. If you're not ready to take the no-poo plunge, Desiree Verdejo, founder of Vivrant, suggests a clarifying shampoo — "a clean scalp is incredibly important" — alternated with a conditioning wash. A deep conditioner and a daily moisturizer, such as a light hair milk, are also important and will help keep curls hydrated. I am aiming for hair that covers both my eyes, down to my cheeks maybe, at the moment my hair covers my eyebrows.. Personally I have always dreamed of dropping a 560 into an E type , Firstly, your photos are GORGEOUS! Even if only for a couple days out of the week, put some leave in conditioner or an oil treatment on your hair, scrape it up into a bun and wear your hair up and protected! Namely, my top tips for growing your hair long, thick and healthy. Eight years ago, I chopped my long, curly hair into a bob, then a full-on pixie a couple of years after that. And I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post – please rock the cute messy buns for ME, i can’t do them with my hair but they’re the cutest thing ever so I’ll live through you! I also do biotin which has helped a ton. If you have dandruff, scalp psoriasis, or other sensitivities, your scalp will need more care. One thing pretty much every head of curls should have? And then explaining to other people that NO, I can’t simply brush them out when they’re dry. Instagram // Twitter // Bloglovin’ // Youtube, I'm going through a bit of an existential crisis right now, I'll tell you about myself when I figure out if I'm real or not. I love how quickly you can get visible results with good haircare! So for lengthy comment, great post! Why trust us? As I said above, the scalp acts like the majority of the skin on the body. . You’re actually going to LOVE one of my upcoming posts then; it’s all the best places to get cheap (and good) haircare because LORD KNOWS I feel you and your bank’s pain on that! Hair care is something I definitely need to prioritse more!! The amount of tangles I have is ridiculous. Enjoying the fresh February air? (Not all at once though – maybe just try a daily all in one vitamin.). Of course cutting your hair won't make it grow faster—but regular trims do go a long way in keeping hair healthy, which can help you achieve length. Fudging heck you’ve been blessed! The saliva of gods, geez you’re hilarious Yes, our weather is so shit that our government recommends we sub in artificial sun. I have heard though, not shampooing every single time you wash your hair is supposedly meant to make it a lot stronger but between the gym and my third-day lazy hair I can’t afford to do that to try haha xx, Awww thank you so much lovely! With oils, shampoos, just forcing your boyfriend to play with your hair while you watch TV…. Now, I don’t mean hair growth vitamins (although if they work for you go for it) I mean actual Magnesium, Zinc, Vitamin D vitamins. Your photo in Feb has a real 90’s vibe to it but I mean that in a great way because I love that decade. I haven’t used castor oil, but I LOVE moroccan and coconut. My mom has curly hair, and at one point she could almost sit on it. . Some great tips here! but, in terms of growth, castor oil is second to none. Below are some other scalp massage benefits. Cayenne pepper also stimulates blood circulation that helps hair grow. To make your hair grow faster and thicker, give your scalp and hair the attention it needs! I might have to try the hair and vitamin supplements! An admittedly difficult amount; almost too much and yet not quite enough. Very fitting for you to bring up the top hat on the Leo full moon eclipse , Over here that hair could run an inner city block and you’d have a big block engine dropped into a Valient to go with it. Eugh no I definitely wouldn’t shampoo that much – I shampoo like once a week (shampoo dries the fuck out of curly hair and it looks nasty after my shampoo wash) xx, Ahhh I probably should pick up the slack with hair oils. And omg I am such a 90s style lover, I experiment with other styles but always return to that decade And omg how lucky!