The weather forecast for tomorrow promised rain and wind. There were large swathes of Pencil Pine around here, as the climbing eased off and Mersey Crag’s rocky summit came into view. This section of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park is accessed by a side road from the main C171 road at Lake Rowallan. Pelion West, Cradle, Geryon, and much, much more were visible. • The views were terrific again. The rain had cleared off, but the strong winds were still going at it as I packed up the tent. Turrana Bluff looked amazing in the evening sun, while the flat expanse of Clumner loomed. This selection of photos is “From the Vault”, taken many years ago on my first visit to the area. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Little Fisher River is a river in North Carolina. Almost immediately after leaving it began to rain. There are some useful driving notes here. Like and Share. I passed numerous options for camping, but in the end, I settled on a very small clearing with an excellent view across towards King Davids Peak. Today was simply a case of retracing my steps back to the Long Tarns, where I then proceeded to follow the track back down the Little Fisher River valley to the carpark. Just a local Tasmanian who loves getting out into the Tasmanian bush. I set off around 10:20am, with a gradual descent down the blocked road to the first river crossing. There were some very nice areas of forest, interspersed with the occasional view of nearby peaks such as Deception Point. I crossed over a small stream, and began the final steep climb up to the summit. It had been fairly flat until this point, so I actually began to get warm for the first time all day! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. View of the ‘Second Gulf’ (Little Fisher River ‘Gulf’), Stephen Spurling III photo from the Weekly Courier, 4 April 1903, p.20. ( Log Out /  It was a very gradual climb. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. The Little Fisher River, as well as being a destination in its own right is also an alternative access to the main Walls of Jerusalem plateau, popping up in the vicinity of Turanna Bluff and the Daisy Lakes. The Little Fisher Track follows its namesake river up its valley to the alpine zone, where thousands upon thousands of tarns are scattered around. With sleet falling, I stuck around for 15 minutes before deciding the safest thing to do was to head back to the tent. Despite the cold and blustery Day 2, I enjoyed most of this trip! I reckon it must have been sleet at times because it was actually quite painful when it landed on my skin. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. From here, the track became a little steeper, but it was still just as beautiful. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f15f3703e90dc07 I caught a glimpse of the outlines of a few peaks, but by the time I got around to filming, the cloud had well and truly enveloped the summit area. I had to allow myself about 7 hours to get out and back, so midday was probably the latest I could leave. It was a roughly 4 hour drive from Hobart up to the end of the Little Fisher River road. It was now about 6:30pm, so after 30 minutes of summit time, I made my way back to the pack, and got ready for dinner and sleep. I had plans to visit three peaks in the area: Turrana Bluff, Mersey Crag, and Clumner Bluff. I looked outside every now and then to get an idea of the prevailing conditions. The highlight of the trip photographically was this magic morning light on the river waters. Brent. All the aforementioned peaks were in sight again. If you know the place … Suddenly the vegetation changed. Once back on the track, I continued onwards to the first of the Long Tarns where some camping options were located. View Catalogue By the time I was at the car around 1:10pm, it was clear to me that a beautiful sunny afternoon was awaiting me. I am planning to revisit shortly, this time to photograph the beautiful Rinadeena Falls. I enjoyed the summit and the views for about 30 minutes, before returning to the pack as the wind was quite chilly and I didn’t bring a jumper with me to Turrana. Magic morning light on the Little Fisher River. The Little Fisher River, from the Virginia state line to the N.C. 89 bridge, is a 7.8-mile hatchery-supported stream stocked with brook, rainbow, and brown trout between March and July. With the thought of reaching Clumner Bluff in the back of my mind, I decided to press on, and try to find a campsite close to a tarn on the slopes of Mersey Crag. I loved looking back down the Little Fisher River valley, while the vast expanse of the Central Plateau and the numerous lakes dotted around was another highlight. Little Fisher River is situated east of Mersey Forest. Dazzled, perhaps, by his view of the Walls, Spurling described only the ‘wild, serrated form’ of the ‘Rugged Mount’, which made ‘a most impressive background’. Tweet Share Email. Luke O'Brien runs a stall at Hobart's popular Salamanca Market every Saturday where his prints and cards are available for purchase. If the weather continued to remain poor, I always had the option of returning to the car, and then doing Clumner as a day trip from the western side. By now the road was a thing of the past as the vegetation crowded in, and the occasional arrow or piece of pink tape marked the route. The water looked extremely delightful here! To be honest, this was much nicer to walk through than horizontal rain! It had been over 6 months since I had last embarked on a multiday walk, so I was extremely excited to be heading up to the far north of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. Talk:Little Fisher River. Add Photo (s) Drop Photo (s) This page is a stub. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. If I had known this would occur, I most certainly would have walked out on Day 2 and attempted Clumner as a day trip! View all posts by Lucas, Great, thanks Lucas. So I played the waiting game. It was a little scrubby at first, but it opened up, and it simply became a case of weaving my way through the light scrub and rock towards the 1454 metre high point,  50 minutes after leaving my pack. The Little Fisher flows out of the northern reaches of the Walls of Jerusalem National Park. After all, the mountains aren’t going anywhere any time soon. But I persisted, and eventually it cleared off and even the sun came out for a bit! The walking was open for the majority of the time. The Little Fisher River, as well as being a destination in its own right is also an alternative access to the main Walls of Jerusalem plateau, popping up in the vicinity of Turanna Bluff and the Daisy Lakes. Visit my YouTube channel at, or follow me on Instagram @lucas_c_67. I signed the logbook a short while later (I was the first one to walk up the track in 12 days), and began to follow the abandoned road up the valley. I soon arrived at the lovely Rinadena Falls where I had some lunch. Follow my trips into the Tasmanian bush both here and on my YouTube channel. The Little Fisher Track follows its namesake river up its valley to the alpine zone, where thousands upon thousands of tarns are scattered around. At the head of the valley, 4 hours after leaving the car, I dropped my pack, and got the essentials together for a sidetrip out to Turrana Bluff. Thankyou for the video also. It was a straightforward climb, and I actually stumbled upon some rock cairns and a pad for the final 100 metres or so. After the coral fern, I re-entered scrub, although the track was still in existence, so I didn’t have to bash my forward. ( Log Out /  Little Fisher River. This combined with the strong wind made life challenging, and I almost turned around right there. While I had always known that the morning of Day 2 was going to be wet, it was still hard to motivate myself to head out to Clumner Bluff as I had planned. This was short lived, and I soon popped out into an open area of coral ferns with great views of the cliffs above. A small amount of snow lay on the ground near the base of my tent, not to mention the thin layer of ice on my boots. Scrub was light, and at times I was simply walking across open lawns! Little Fisher River is a stream in Tasmania and has an elevation of 689 metres. 0 Star This. It was a gorgeous location to get stuck into a couple of wraps! At one point the wind was so strong that the rain blew straight into my face as I walked. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. I also regretted the alpine camp, given the 36 hours worth of gale force winds; something I had known was likely. I had plans to visit three peaks in the area: Turrana Bluff, Mersey Crag, and Clumner Bluff. I got going at around 8:40am, with cloudy skies above. Mersey Crag and Turrana Bluff had excellent views, while the myrtle forest in the valley plus Rinadena Falls were magical! Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. So at around 11:30am, I set off for Clumner Bluff. • Not all walks feature on my channel, but providing I can be bothered, they should all feature on the blog. This was my favourite stretch of the valley. Change ), Little Fisher River & beyond (November 22-24, 2019). The walk takes you through magnificent myrtle rainforest scenes such as this. There is an unfortunate and sorry story about why I didn’t photograph the falls on the last visit, but I’ll tell you all about that another time…. Clear, blue skies lay overhead, and Fisher Bluff towered above. Mt Ossa still had a lot of snow on it! I dropped my pack, marked the site with a waypoint on my GPS, and set off for the summit of Mersey Crag, which was only 4-500 metres away. What the hell, I thought, let’s give it a go! River in North Carolina. I had to cook inside the tent that evening as the ferocious winds and a sloped vestibule ruled out other options. I woke up to rain and some seriously strong wind! Little Fisher River, Central Plateau, Tasmania, 1999 [picture] / Peter Dombrovskis Call Number PIC/11199/3 LOC Cold Store PIC DOM Created/Published 1999 Extent 1 photograph : col. ; image 66.4 x 52.3 cm., on sheet 77.1 x 61.3 cm. And it hadn’t rained for about half an hour, so I thought to myself my luck was in. ( Log Out /  A few minutes later I made a second river crossing over the Little Fisher River where another new footbridge was in place. Sub-alpine rainforest of myrtle and pandani makes for some great photo opportunities. It is a bumpy old logging road but well passable in a regular non 4WD. Eventually I stumbled back into camp at around 5:50pm, after 6.5 hours of walking. Your IP: The rainforest along the easy river walk was sublime. Maybe 2 hours into the walking, I got my first glimpse of Clumner Bluff. The longer I walked, the more the cloud burnt off.