[citation needed], "NBA & ABA Career Playoff Leaders and Records for Assists." Johnson left after eight months, saying that the White House had "utterly ignored" the work of the panel, and had opposed the commission's recommendations, which included universal healthcare and the expansion of Medicaid to cover all low-income people with AIDS. [44][45] Johnson averaged 18.0 points, 7.7 rebounds, and 7.3 assists per game for the season, was selected to the NBA All-Rookie Team, and was named an NBA All-Star Game starter. [39] The Lakers again reached the Finals, and for a third time faced the Sixers, who featured center Moses Malone as well as Erving. Do you have a blog? While Johnson is considered the leader of the ownership group, the controlling owner is Mark Walter, chief executive officer for Guggenheim Partners. Players with careers of similar quality and shape (thru 2019-20), Note, this is done in an automated way, so we apologize for any errors, & please. Despite the history of racial bias in the game, today's NFL is at complete contrast with its previous agenda. [101] At the time, only a small percentage of HIV-positive American men had contracted it from heterosexual sex,[87][102] and it was initially rumored that Johnson was gay or bisexual, although he denied both. He is an actor and producer, known for Obsessed (2009), Hair Show (2004) and Dead Tone (2007). The pristine wilderness of Alaska is, perhaps, the last vestige of thriving populations of North American wildlife. Playing with the Canberra Cannons of Australia's National Basketball League instead of his usual group of players, Johnson's team defeated the Spartans 104–85, as he scored 12 points, with 10 assists and 10 rebounds. Born August 14, 1959, in Lansing Michigan, Earvin Johnson loved basketball even as a child. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. "[102], Despite his retirement, Johnson was voted by fans as a starter for the 1992 NBA All-Star Game at Orlando Arena, although his former teammates Byron Scott and A. C. Green said that Johnson should not play,[104] and several NBA players, including Utah Jazz forward Karl Malone, argued that they would be at risk of contamination if Johnson suffered an open wound while on court. How many times did Magic Johnson go to the NBA finals? Fritz Pollard and Bobby Marshall were the first black players in what is now the NFL in 1920. The wildlife of Florida is rich and varied, yet most of us are familiar with only a dozen or so species: the "well known endangered species such as manatees and panthers; those, like raccoons and squirrels, that have adapted to urban environments; the frightening alligators and black bears; and those like the armadillo who can't seem to cross the road. ", "1993–94 Los Angeles Lakers Roster and Stats. Often regarded as the best point guard of all time,[3][4] Johnson is also considered to be one of the greatest players in NBA history. Earvin "Magic" Johnson Jr. (born August 14, 1959) is an American retired professional basketball player and former president of basketball operations of the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Subscribe to our Free Newsletter, This Month in Sports ReferenceFind out when we add a feature or make a change. November 1, 2002. They have two children. Michigan State, High School: Magic was the fourth of seven children Earvin Sr. and Christine had together. Johnson has become a leading voice on how to invest in urban communities, creating redevelopment opportunities in underserved areas, most notably through his movie theaters and his partnership with Starbucks. Der 2,06 Meter große Johnson spielte aufgrund seiner außergewöhnlichen Passfähigkeiten hauptsächlich als Point Guard, obwohl diese Position normalerweise mit kleineren … [179] In March 2012, Johnson's ownership group was announced as the winner of the proceedings to buy the Dodgers. ", "1993–94 Los Angeles Lakers Schedule and Results. He has been married to Cookie Johnson since September 14, 1991. "[28][121], Determined to play competitive basketball despite being out of the NBA, Johnson formed the Magic Johnson All-Stars, a barnstorming team composed of former NBA and college players. Random House. [31] Johnson, who finished his high school career with two All-State selections, was considered at the time to be the best high school player ever to come out of Michigan[29] and was also named to the 1977 McDonald's All-American team. This dominant player appeared in the NBA Finals several times in 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2006. He is a member of NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team and is widely considered to be the greatest point guard of all-time. Magic Johnson was born on August 14, 1959 in Lansing, Michigan, USA as Earvin Johnson. [121] A few days later Johnson changed his mind and retired permanently, saying, "I am going out on my terms, something I couldn't say when I aborted a comeback in 1992. After Fred Stabley Jr., a sports writer for the Lansing State Journal, gave him the moniker, and it stayed with him throughout his career, despite the fact that his His mother disapproved, thinking the nickname sounded blasphemous.