In a manner that is appropriate to the circumstances. happily for good. phr. Congratulated. adverb willingly, assenting; pleasantly; in keeping. # attitude , emotions. When writing dialogue in a story, the conversation is only half the battle.The other half has to do with the tone, volume, and context of people's words. Depending on the dialog or the situation in which the synonym of said is to be used, you can find the appropriate said synonym in one of the lists below. phr. In a manner favored by luck or fortune. affably. happily accepted the invitation to dinner. # attitude , emotions. phr. (verb) to smile radiantly or happily. Applauded. benevolently. In a happy or cheerful way. We’re going to kick off our list by giving you a lot of other words for “said” by emotion, starting with synonyms for “said” that convey a happy, joyful, or positive tone. Happy Words to Use Instead of “Said”. charmingly. RELATED WORDS AND SYNONYMS FOR HAPPILY. The best way to introduce 100 Synonyms for Said is to have student highlight ten words they feel comfortable using – then use them! I've put the words into groups so that the synonyms are easier to find. I said, he said, she said, etc., makes for a boring dialog to say the least. Yes, most of the time you can just use "he said" and "she said" to indicate dialogue — but sometimes you need some other words for said to help you make a stronger statement! fortunately. Prattled. # attitude , emotions. jauntily. cheerfully. Another word for said. 100 Synonyms for Said will help students use other descriptors, such as shrieked, gloated, or quipped. brightly, cheerfully, cheerily, gaily. 1 in a cheerful or happy manner. amiably. In an airy manner. favorably. bubbled (verb) to speak, move, issue forth, or exist in a lively, sparkling manner; exude cheer. Have students keep 100 Synonyms for Said … happily forevermore. agreeably. burst affirmatively. happy forever. Peacefully, without problems, stress or anxiety. Synonyms for happily. . We’re going to Disneyland!” bubbled Danny as he excitedly ran around the room. “Look everybody, Dad got me a puppy!” beamed Chrissy. Willingly and without hesitation or reluctance. Find more ways to say said, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. amicably. (also gayly), “We’re going to Disneyland! appropriately. Denoting good relations between two or more individuals. Contexts .