Find out more about the ICIS supply and demand database >>. Good local demand, high price levels in Asia and a tighter domestic supply outlook were supporting the European styrene monomer complex. The ICIS news service allows you to customise the market alerts delivered to your email inbox, providing the business-critical information you need straightaway. Please use the button below and we will bring you back here when complete. We offer the following regional Styrene coverage to keep you informed of factors and developments affecting prices in the Asia Styrene marketplace.. Price reporting Price Reporting – More information about the price reports we publish on Styrene With many years’ experience of guiding business leadership teams, we show you how market conditions can make a positive or negative impact on your long-term plans. China ICP License: 浙B2-20110322-3 Access latest oil news and analysis, conferences and events. Find out more about ICIS margin reports >>. Styrene monomer market daily (Nov 4, 2020) Nov 4 2020 4:44PM : Latest on the novel coronavirus outbreak (Nov 4, 2020) Nov 4 2020 4:32PM : Styrene inventory in East China main ports (Nov 4, 2020) Nov 4 2020 1:28PM : Petrochemical market morning express (Nov 4,2020) Nov 4 2020 8:23AM Spot Asian supply, excluding China, is likely to be minimal as some plants continue to be on turnarounds in Japan and South Korea. This was up 8.50 cents/lb from the January 22 assessment, which was a nearly seven-year low of 35.75 cents/lb, according to Platts data. You can control cookies through your browser settings. Here you can view your reports and also access other useful services including related news, analysis, historical data and market alerts. Conditions: benito Juarez, Mexico, for 0 0 / Monthly. Confirmed deals, verified by both buyer and seller, provide the foundation of our price assessments. The CFR China SM marker has rebounded quickly -- up 18.68% from its lowest point so far this year of $883.50/mt CFR China on January 21, Platts data showed. Conditions: tijuana, Mexico, for 0 0 / Semi-monthly. Conditions: Gustavo A madero, Mexico, for 0 0 / Semi-monthly. The following are reference prices, estimated prices, list prices or prices requested by buyers of SM(Styrene Monomer). document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + _bdhmProtocol + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); Styrene monomer market daily (Nov 13, 2020), Shanghai SECCO plans maintenance at styrene unit, Petrochemical market morning express (Nov 13, 2020), Styrene monomer market daily (Nov 12, 2020), Petrochemical market morning express (Nov 12, 2020), Styrene monomer market daily (Nov 11, 2020), Styrene inventory in East China main ports (Nov 11, 2020), Inflation falls to 11-year low in October, Petrochemical market morning express (Nov 11, 2020), Styrene monomer market daily (Nov 10, 2020). The Supply and Demand Window on the ICIS Dashboard provides a snapshot view of historical and forecast information for supply and demand, production capacity and trade flows – a key tool to help safeguard future investments within the chemicals market. As a result, European styrene prices have risen in line with Asian market sentiment in order to keep spot volumes in Europe rather than opening the arbitrage from Europe to Asia. Price reporting Access latest gas news and analysis, conferences and events. Conditions: trujillo, Peru, for 0 0 / Annual. Please contact the Client Services team. 2018-04-11. Conditions: Cd.